Stainless Steel Tanks

WTT has a strong partnership with Alliance Inox Industrie (AII) that allows us to present to the market tanks and vessels for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic , general healthcare , Food & beverage, wine and chemical industries. Together, we provide equipments that have a wide range of capacity that goes between 50 Litres to 200,000 Litres.

WTT presents the following products:
- Agitator Tank: we offer innovative solutions in order to optimize boiler equipment such as simple mixers, scrapers for scraping the wall and the bottom shell, coaxial, counter-rotating type of agitators...etc.
- Tanks for heating / Cooling / Climate control (Air-conditioned): WTT with its partner AII, is committed on the performance of these tanks for heating, cooling, climate control. These tanks could be optimized on the type, Size, pressure and flow for integrated exchangers accordingly.
- Horizontal Tanks: this type of tanks if proposed as an alternative for usage in low ceiling spaces.
- Heat Exchangers: WTT presents several types of heat exchangers integrated with tanks as per customer needs : Half-shell, laser powered, used for extreme performance, steam, temperature and direct triggers, water bath used to heat ingredients gently and gradually to a fixed temperature.
- Buffer tank: WTT presents iron / stainless steel equipments as per customer requirements, such as : Integrated control systems (tracing, heater, circuit exchange) to control density and temperature. The different types of stainless iron/ stainless steel tanks that WTT is presenting reach up to 200 m3
WTT's partners have a strong experience across the F&B industry that allowed them to acquire a strong expertise to satisfy customers' requirements as well as the market conditions.
WTT has the ability to provide microbreweries as well as complete sets of "Empattage" tanks for brewing, fermentation, and gasification under pressure to form quality spirit.
WTT offers aseptic tanks with steam barrier for dairy and fruit juice.
WTT is committed to the confidentiality regulations when it comes to all specifications received by clients.
WTT is proud to partner with a specialist in designing and manufacturing like AII. We provide to the wine industry all volumes and models of Stainless steel tanks and equipments to support winemaking processes that are required by clients:
- Cellar: complete set of tanks and associated fittings.
- Wine making.
- Wine storage.