Water Treatment solutions

Pharmaceutical & Medical industries are required to strictly satisfy the GMP (Good manufacturing practices), as well as the accurate requirements of the water they use, which is defined by the public pharmacopeial standards for chemical, biological drug substances, dosage forms, compound preparations, excipients, medicaldevices and dietary supplements, such as the united states pharmacopeia (USP), the European pharmacopeia (EP).
WTT, as a specialist in water production systems and distributions for all types of purifications (PW, HPW & WFI), has build its credibility on the force of its human capital which is a pool of experts specialised in conception, engineering, realization and qualification. WTT has developed the HYDRO - Pharma for Medical and Alimentary industries - which represent the best solution for water processing.
Beyond the respect of all requirements, WTT guarantees sustainable and reliable water treatment unit for the credibility and recognition of the user.

WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES offers fitting solutions for the primary treatment of their feed waters in order to keep reverse osmosis membranes efficiency and long lasting. According to the origin, quality and use of feed water, solutions might consist in providing suitable filters, softeners, dosing systems, heatex changers...etc.
HYDROPHARMA is a completely modular water treatment system which is designed to produce Purified Water -PW, Highly Purified Water-HPW and Water For Injection-WFI.
- Modular and compact design
- Single and Double stage RO
- Membrane Degassing/CO2 reduction
- Continuous electrode-ionization module (CEDI)
- Sanitary UV system.
- Final sterile filtration 0.22μm
- Ultra-filtration module
- CIP or Hot water sanitization
- 316L stainless steel piping and membrane housing
- Digital Ultrasonic flow meters
- Conductivity control
- PLC control through GAMP-compliant hardware and software
- Control cabinet in AISI 304 stainlesssteel
Monitoring parameters
- Raw water Conductivity/temperature
- Permeate Conductivity/temperature
- RO and EDI Permeate flow
- RO and EDI Concentrate flow
WTT Delivers the highest quality of tailored water products and distribution systems to meet all specific needs of our clients such as StainlessSteel Storage Tank, Distributions pumps, Stainlesssteel or PVDF loops).
Water Treatment Technologies use one of the most effective and safeway to disinfect Ultra-Pure Water loops in industrial and pharmaceutical applications: the electrolytic ozone generators.
The residual ozone isdestroyed by a sanitary UV system.
The quantity of ozone iscontrolled at the purified water tank outlet and the UV system.
WTT can also provide a chemical or a heat sanitization which requires membranes and EDI modules suitable for hot water circulation.
Water treatment Technologies provides a wide Alfa Laval range of hygienic products and high- quality heatex changers as:
PharmaLine which is as hell-and tube heatex changer that provides full drain ability and prevents the risk of cross-contamination. Its bundle of seamless, electropolished tubes handles the flow of product media, with service media running outside the tubes in a cross-flow. Since the unit is flexible in design, size and material, it can be used in any hygienic application with high demands. Typical PharmaLine uses include point-of-use cooling on WFI (Water For Injection) ring mains, heating of WFI and product cooling and condensing.
Pharma-X is Designed for point-of-use cooling in the pharmaceutical industry, the Pharma-X tube-in-tube heatex changer eliminates the risk of contamination between the product and cooling media. It consists of three discrete tubes arranged one within the other, curved through 180° to create a bend that takes up thermal expansion. The Pharma-X heatex changer can be used in many application areas, including point-of-use cooling on WFI (Water For Injection) ring mains, cooling/heating of pure water in the pharmaceutical industry and cooling/heating of distilled water/WFI for processing equipment.
The control system of all the process delivered by Water Treatment Technologies isbased on SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition).
Water Treatment Technologies SCADA systems are developed basing on Simatic Win CC and are realized in strict accordance to 21 CFR part 11 requirements, they provide full management control through out the plant life cycle including:
- Audit trails
- Electronic records
- Electronic signatures
- Alarms management